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18 April 2011 | Indonesië, Pontianak

Wow, that was already a time ago. Time is flying by. Good sign huh? I'm working my ass off!

Lovely food, kind people, expensive beer and a beautiful environment. And I just saw one tiny bit. Already a lot of Pontianak itself and yesterday finally a place with fresh air. Away from the smog (who's beginning to desolve anyway 'cause of the heavy rainfall). By motorbike we went to a wedding reception in Rasau Jaya, somewhere by the mountain seen at the horizon. In the middle of nowhere. During the trip to this village I was losing track of time (it probably was around 2 hours), amazing scenery were passing by. Beautiful, little, cosy, wooden houses next to the river with smiling children, chickens and colorful flowers in the 'garden'. And sometimes back to reality by one of the thousands potholes or some dirty, black smoke coming from the burning plastic alongside the road.

The end of the road ended up in the river and we crossed this river by boat. Then...

At the other side.

Palm oil plantations. It's hard to realize this once was wilderness. We were driving at one of the many roads crossing the plantations and it just doesn't stop. Miles and miles of palm trees. Brrrr... will get back to this later.

After too many of this we finally reached the village with around 500 inhabitants. In the forest at the mountains foot. Welcomed by loud music, heaps of motorbikes, a monkey on a chain and a beautifully dressed couple; the bride & groom. A lot of bling bling! Immediately dinner was served by the amazingly hospitable family. Delicious.

But to speed this thing up a little bit I'll skip to today. There's some more clarity about my schedule, or it's actually pretty tight... In the Santika Hotel I attended a WWF meeting where I finally met Jimmy and Anwar and also saw Hans again! Fancy stuff! I arranged some last preparations for the travel permit within Kalimantan Barat to get full access. Let the journey begin.

This thursday! Till the day after. I'll go with Jimmy for shooting a documentary by boat. Warming up for a reportage about palm oil the 25th and 26th of April and going into the field April 28 till May 5: Putussibau (the last sizable Kapuas Hulu town). Where the WWF, local government, national park authorities and villagers created Kompakh to develop ecotourism.

Lonely Planet:
"... Kompakh offers touring options including Danau Sentarum and Betung Kerihun National Parks, longhouse visits, river cruises and jungle treks..."

A park that shelter wild Orangutans! And monitor-lizards!! Haha! Awesome.


In the photoshow below only a small selection of photos. Follow this link for a bigger selection:

  • 18 April 2011 - 17:05

    Danny Van Oeveren:

    f*cking nice!


  • 18 April 2011 - 18:51


    Wat een verhalen en mooie foto's!! Gaaf! Dikke kus

  • 18 April 2011 - 21:47


    Geen woorden voor, wat prachtig allemaal!!! xxx

  • 19 April 2011 - 14:33

    Rene En Hester:

    Hoi Jonne,

    prachtige indrukken, tis dat het zo ver weg is......
    Mooie foto's trouwens, wij weten nog wel een goed bedrijf voor fotoboeken (haha).
    Ons boek is klaar...........


  • 19 April 2011 - 14:59


    Hoi lieverd!

    Wat een actie daar in de warmte! Prachtige foto's!!!
    Kusjes, moesie.

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